About us

Millenium Bikes is a bike brand, based and founded in The Netherlands, specialized in building High-end Custom Custom Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Gravel bikes and E-Bikes. Performance, Quality, Uniqueness and Service are the core values that Millenium stands for.

How we operate

Are you looking for a new MTB, Road- or Cyclocross bike and looking for something special, light, to get the most out of it?

Millenium can help you with that. Our specialism is building fully customized bicycles on customer demands.

Often, you are after a specific assembly, group set, power meter, wheelset, forks or other things that demand your preference. Commonly, your combination of preferences can't be bought in store.

At Millenium we build exactly what the customer demands. We are not contracted to any supplier with which we have to assemble our bikes. We have total freedom in the assembly of our bikes. Looking for that one specific wheelset from a small but innovative manufacturer? We can put that wheelset in your new dream bike straight away.

Another possibility is let us make a proposal when you have a certain weight goal or budget in mind. Do not hesitate to Contact to discuss the possibilities.

Why we started

Being competitive cyclists, we found it hard to accept that the perfect bike did not exist. After hundreds of adjustments on our factory bikes, and a lot of experience with a wide range of high-end components and brands, we came with the idea of building custom bicycles.

Our goal

Everybody has different preferences, a different budget, a different style and a different purpose to do with the bike. Our goal is to build the bike that is a reflection of all your needs. A bike you have been dreaming about. A bike without any limits.